March 12, 2018

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February 23, 2018

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February 23, 2018

I love shooting work for landscape architects. I truly believe that unless you really know and understand the landscaped built environment it is very difficult to get a handle on what you are photographing. Aspect Studios resisted the temptation to photograph their work around the 1 William Street tower until it had settled in a bit and started to mature. Our brief was to capture the urban environment of this prominent landmark on Brisbane's CBD skyline and to create a suite of images that presented the various external precincts and visual amenity aspects surrounding this building as well as demonstrate the treatment of pedestrian, cycle and vehicular circulation.


Landscape Architecture : Aspect Studios

Photography : Scott Burrows Photographer

Main Street address to 1 William Street contains a more formalised approach to the landscape treatment and spatial organisation. 


Western treatment of the building contains a series of ramps and stairs to allow for future connectivity to the Brisbane River and future revitalisation of the river edges.

Pedestrian connectivity to public footpath areas


Early morning rush to work as pedestrian and cyclists co-exist in their haste to get to work.


Landscape softening of bike ramp elements.


Access to pedestrians and cyclists is provided to the full perimeter of 1 William Street. The eastern landscaped pathway connects down to the river edge parking and ferry terminal zones.


The main pedestrian entry to the building is a balance of open, hard paved surfaces for maximum pedestrian movement and raised planters to offer casual seating and areas to escape the hustle and bustle of a busy CBD building.


Visual links are important in landscape design, providing landmark facilities for way finding in pedestrian movement as well as contributing to the visual and physical improvement for pedestrians.



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