One of the things I love to do most is work with newly established or emerging architects and designers. It can be quite daunting to get your projects photographed by an experienced and established photographer but I try to make the process easy from beginning to end. By working together right from the start magical things can happen. That's not to say that I don’t enjoy working with long term clients as well. This process itself is just as rewarding. The interplay between architect and photographer is unique and I constantly strive to maintain a freshness for clients seeking to nourish their own professional development through the imagery I create.


I don’t support short lived or ‘fad like’ photography styles that influence how design is perceived. I create images that are timeless and demonstrate a sense of appreciation and subject knowledge of what I am shooting. I subscribe to photographing architecture and design as a whole, not just a series of ‘one off’ moments populated with superfluous elements that do nothing more than distract the viewer’s attention away from the actual design intent. I strive to create images that evoke emotional responses, feelings that generate a desire to seek out more of my client’s work. 


I started shooting architecture 20 years ago and crafted my skills using large format film cameras. This apprenticeship refined my sense of dedication and exactness in how shots were to be curated and executed. Film was an unforgiving medium unlike the digital equipment of today. It highlighted flaws in your technique and forced you to appreciate and understand your subject matter. You could not just pick up a camera and start photographing architecture professionally. It was this methodical work flow that I still employ today whilst using the world’s best digital platform for recording architecture.


Architecture and space is created respecting light and shade, form, scale, function and materiality. It is these elements that my imagery celebrates.